Monmouth Fish and Game Association Facilities!

Listed below are the Association’s facilities. Founded in 1946, the Monmouth Fish and Game Association stands to preserve Maine’s Heritage in the outdoor life sports.

Main Facility

Monmouth Fish and Game Association Club House


This is the primary meeting location and for club events. It is equipped with a full kitchen and restrooms.

“The Monmouth Fish & Game facility is not available for rent or other use by the general public.”

Monmouth Fish and Game Association Tables with merchandise at the 2007 Gun Show.

What Ever Sales and Gun Shows

The hall is quite often used for fund raising events, such as the “What Ever” sale, (an indoor yard sale), and for Gun Shows.


There are 4 ranges at the club for member use. There is a 100 yard Range, a 50 yard Range, 3 Shotgun Trap stations, and an Archery Lane at the club.

Click Here for a PDF containing the Range Rules.

Monmouth Fish and Game Association 100 yard shooting range.

100 Yard Range

The 100 yard shooting range is a perfect location to hone your shooting skills. The shooting line features 3 covered shooting positions with new bench rest tables.

Monmouth Fish and Game Association 50 yard shooting range.

50 Yard Range

Perfect for pistol shooting and for the initial sighting of your hunting rifle, the 50 yard range features 10 covered shooting positions.

Monmouth Fish and Game Association Trap Shot Gun station 3.

Shot Gun

With 3 beautiful Trap stations, you can enjoy the satisfaction of hitting a clay pigeon on the fly! See the calendar for weekly shooting events.

Archery Lane.

Archery Lane

An informal archery shooting lane is near the pond. The archery lane has a nicely positioned berm to keep missed arrows from being lost. There are more targets available for

Monmouth Fish and Game Association Fishing Pond, with Father and Son fishing.

Fishing Pond

A beautiful feature of the club is the fishing pond. The pond is a great way to spend the day with the family. The pond has been (and will be) used for introducing children and adults to fresh water fishing.

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